Reptile Gardens
Reptile Gardens is an animal park located in Rapid City, South Dakota. Its mission is "To educate the public on important environmental issues, while working closely with many major zoos worldwide to promote species survival". Housing a large variety of unique reptiles, and exotic plants, Reptile Gardens is a Black Hills attraction on the road to Mount Rushmore National Memorial. This reptile zoo in Rapid City, South Dakota represents strong community involvement and wildlife education for people of all ages.

The Sky Dome features beautiful plants, unique creatures and sculptures from Papua New Guinea and Bali, Indonesia. This indoor jungle also houses a replica of the largest turtle fossil ever found, an Archelon turtle fossil, the largest turtle species yet discovered. The original fossil was found by paleontologists a short distance from Reptile Gardens in the 1970s. Despite efforts from owner Earl Brockelsby, the original fossil was sold to a museum in Vienna, Austria.
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